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VSpace is a virtual gaming community that organizes roleplaying gamers who want to play online, offering open tables in shared universe settings.

VSpace is a Membership-based virtual gaming community that organizes roleplaying gamers who want to play online in a variety of settings with Verified Gamemasters who have been evaluated for skill and quality. Joining our Discord, and playing for the first month, is absolutely free. Come check us out and see if you like what we have to offer!

We offer two different kinds of games based on diverse and exciting properties like Star Wars, Rokugan, World of Darkness, and Fallout so almost everyone can find something of interest:

Shared Universe

Our Shared Universe games are offered every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7PM EST and on Sundays at 12PM and 7PM EST. Players sign up on our schedule, and we match them in a process called Mustering with Verified GMs and other players to play in one of our Shared Universe systems. Currently we are offering Tales from Nigita and Emerald Chronicles for new players.

Traditional Campaigns

Our Traditional Campaign games are your standard, one-GM fixed-group games, which are run by gamemasters on Wednesdays at 7PM EST and Saturdays at 12PM and 7PM EST. Any GM is able to offer their own traditional game on our server after running it past the admins. Currently both World of Darkness and Fallout are traditional campaigns, but new players are welcome to join!

Games are played via Discord, supplemented with a variety of the latest online tools and bots. We strive to provide a new and more personalized alternative to "organized play" systems used in the past through offering GMs and players a great deal more flexibility. Via Discord and WorldAnvil we aim to provide much more available reference and GM to player collaboration on the stories we are creating.

For more information on the game days currently scheduled, check out the VSpace Event Calendar. Come be a part of our worlds!

As the dust settles from the Galactic War against the FINAL ORDER - drifters, would-be heroes, and force sensitives have been drawn to the Mid Rim world of NIGITA. In THE HUB, the abandoned remnants of a First Order research base, these pioneers on this otherwise vast jungle world attempt to survive on odd jobs and establish some sense of law and order in a galaxy with little of it.

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The year is 1122. From the fertile coasts of the Crane to the harsh mountains of the Dragon, from the sacred lands of the Phoenix to the ever besieged lands of the Crab, the Emerald Empire is home to samurai caught in the struggle between duty and desire. Welcome to Rokugan.