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Emerald Chronicles Character Creation

Emerald Chronicles Character Creation Rules

A character for Emerald Chronicles should be made with the consideration that your character is an Emerald Magistrate, a samurai tasked to serve the Emperor’s interest throughout the whole of Rokugan. While you do not have to play as a perfectly honorable or kind samurai, you should be playing one that is capable of cooperating with PCs and NPCs of other clans than your own, and generally work to serve the good of the Empire.

The most important book for our players to own is the core Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition Rulebook. The rules for playing samurai of the great clans and the majority of techniques and equipment are located in this book. You may also wish to use player options from Emerald Empire, Courts of Stone, or Shadowlands, in which case you should also look into purchasing those books. Content from Path of Waves is mostly suited to playing Ronin, so until further notice we will not be allowing school, family, or clan options from that book. All books are available from Fantasy Flight Games’ official store or DriveThruRPG in PDF form.

Characters are created with the standard Game of Twenty Questions format explained in the Core Rulebook. Keep in mind the following however:

  • When selecting your clan, you should talk with your clan’s presiding GM.
    • If you are making a Crab, Phoenix, or Falcon you’ll want to talk to Frank.
    • If you want to make a Scorpion, a Unicorn, or a Tortoise, you’ll want to talk to Selene.
    • If you want to make a Crane, a Lion, or a Deer, you’ll want to talk to Slater.
    • If you want to make a Dragon, a Mantis, or a member of the Imperial Families, you’ll want to talk to Larry.
  • The Worldly Ronin School is disallowed for the reason that Ronin characters do not fit in with the themes we plan to explore this season, but this may change later on. Additionally the Kolat Saboteur School is disallowed as the Kolat are a primary antagonist group in this campaign.
  • There are three specific options that require explicit permission from the TO to use for your character.
    • Playing a character from the Imperial Families is an option that is easy to abuse to attempt to push other players around. You’ll have to present a character concept to Larry before being approved to sit down with an Imperial player character.
    • Taking any of the Shadowlands Taint adversities is a very dangerous choice as a player character and should not be taken lightly. Being tainted has numerous narrative consequences we wish to discuss with players before they make such a choice. Frank and Larry are the people to talk to about this. You can read more on the Shadowlands Taint and how it is handled in Emerald Chronicles here.
    • Learning Mahō techniques is not something that is easily done nor recommended. Using Mahō is likely to cause your character to take on Shadowlands Taint, which can in turn lead to losing your character. Practicing Mahō is a crime punishable by death in Rokugan, and not even Emerald Magistrates are safe from that. As such, these techniques can only be learned if a GM offers the opportunity to learn these techniques during play, and are otherwise off limits.
  • Character’s receive a stipend of koku equivalent to their family’s starting koku plus one (due to their status as Emerald Magistrates) at the beginning of each month of play.
  • Characters receive a minimum of 5 XP per week, and can receive up to a maximum of 30 XP per month. As of June 14th, characters will begin with 80 XP to spend and cap out at 100 XP.
  • Characters receive the Title Ability from the Emerald Magistrate title on page 305 of the Core Rulebook and a bonus of 10 status to a maximum of 45.

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