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Welcome to Vrashyn, a realm trapped between molten rock and a frozen hard place. This wiki is intended as a reference for both the DM and for players in this setting. Feel free to browse anything written so far or suggest additions that could be made. If you already have a character idea in mind, make sure to give the articles for your race and class a read so you can integrate your backstory into the setting. I hope you enjoy playing in Vrashyn!  
  Most life on Vrashyn lives between two elemental extremes. To the east lies The Scathe, a blasted ruin where the sun never sets and salamanders swim through seas of molten rock. The Rime lies on the opposite edge of the world; it is lit only by moonlight, so those who cannot see in the dark may fall prey to the elementals and spirits that roam the frozen waste. Once prosperous and full of life, Vrashyn was nearly destroyed during The Cataclysm, a mysterious event that occurred three millennia ago. The various cultures of Vrashyn have wildly different versions of this story and their history. These differences, among others, often bring these groups into conflict as they attempt to coexist in the narrow fertile lands   These are not the only peculiarities to which Vrashyn is subjected. Seasonal change is unknown to the plane’s inhabitants, and those who live close to The Rime and The Scathe can expect to endure near-constant night and day respectively. While the most advanced kingdoms build stone castles and fight with iron weapons, gigantic machines dot the landscape, serving as monuments to a bygone era. From the Shadowfell, Feywild and realms beyond, immortals reach into the mortal plane to shape events toward their ends, relying on the power of mortal belief to sustain them.   Of course, these larger threats are unlikely to be on your radar as a beginning adventurer. You can find an accepting home almost anywhere in Vrashyn, though more tight-knit communities will always see you as an outsider. There is no official guild for your kind, so many adventurers make their living through patronage, collecting bounties, or selling treasure if you're particularly prolific. Others leverage their mobile lifestyles by enrolling in the Messenger's Guild or crafting items to sell in town. It is from these humble beginnings that true heroes (and true villains) are born.