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Vrashyn Shadow of a Memory

3174 AK

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Most life on Vrashyn lives between two elemental extremes. To the east lies The Scathe, a blasted ruin where the sun never sets and salamanders swim through seas of molten rock. The Rime lies on the opposite edge of the world. Brutally cold and lit only by moonlight, traveling even a few miles into it is not an easy task. Vrashyn was nearly destroyed during The Cataclysm, a mysterious event that occurred three millennia ago. The various cultures of Vrashyn have wildly different versions of this story, but ruins on the edges of The Rime and The Scathe indicate that a change in their borders likely had something to do with it.   The larger continents of Laivra and Rhovra are bounded by great seas to the north and south. What lies on the other side is unknown: the various gods of Vrashyn remain silent about what may lie beyond the waters, and those who have used mundane or magical means to attempt a crossing have never returned.   These are not Vrashyn's only peculiarities. Seasonal change is unknown to the plane’s inhabitants, and those who live close to The Rime and The Scathe can expect to endure near-constant night and day respectively. The most advanced kingdoms build stone castles and fight with iron weapons, but their technological prowess is made trivial by gigantic machines from before The Cataclysm. These dot the landscape across Vrashyn, and those who learn to control them through magic are among the most powerful people in the world.   Many of the planes that exist in other settings can also be found in this world. The Feywild is a plane of overabundant life and energy, while its mirror the Shadowfell is a wasteland whose few living beings sustain themselves by parasitizing the mortal plane. From the Outer Planes, immortals reach into the mortal plane to shape events toward their ends. The existence of gods, their home planes, and their underlings are tied directly to the power of mortal belief and worship: when a god is forgotten, they cease to be. Vrashyn's centers of elemental energy exist as part of the material plane rather than existing as their own planes.

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