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Tome of Souls

A book of soul or spirit based magic. The Tome assumes the appearance of a dark brown, leatherbound book. The exact style varies and shifts, based upon the settings and era it is brought into. Its unassuming, titleless exterior emanates a small, simple aura of disinterest as a defensive mechanism warding off the casual pedestrian.
  Inside, the book contains a prelude which briefly details a dying world and a desperate effort to restore prosperity through the manipulation of soul power. It does not reveal the results of the effort, but it can be assumed the attempt failed.
  The soul magic is divided into Light and Dark. Where Light Soul Magic manipulates the caster's soul, Dark Soul Magic is focused on manipulating the soul of others. There is a small warning about the physical fatigue that can incur from spiritual exhaustion.
Reality of the warning
Use of Soul Spells (Light or Dark) is morally wrong. The usage of Soul Spells, even when proper rest is implemented, results in wearing and degrading one's spirit over time. Slowly, the user is hollowed out over time.
  The final two spells are written in strange, illegible script.
About the two final spells
Dusk spells are a combination utilizing practices of both Light and Dark.

  The caster needs to be holding the Tome, or otherwise have it on their person to be able to cast from it. Casting results in a faint glow emanating from the pages. The color of the spell energy varies, depending on the color of the caster’s soul.
Bolt; straight-firing projectile
Missile; curving projectile
Spear; strait-firing projectile which pieces enemies
Hail; rain of missiles around caster
Nova; AoE burst around caster
Barrier; transparent sphere around caster, dampens incoming attacks
Scream; ray-like stream from caster (does not emit actual sound, but give a shrill, psychic wail)
Cloak; causes caster to fade and be harder to see (but can still hit things and be hit)
Muffle; silences all sounds from caster for a few seconds
Imbue; channels a weapon-vessel with soul energy
Brighten; creates a light only the caster can see and utilize
Curse; lower stamina in target
Obscure; dampens or nullifies one, some, or all of a target’s senses
Snare; hold target and prevent them from moving
Darken; reduce light level around a target
Tear; apply rips to target’s soul
Siphon; drain some of target’s soul energy to restore the caster’s
Rend; manipulate the flesh of the target
Yield; force a target to move in a commanded way
Spike; target feel a sharp stabbing pain
Feeble; weaken target’s body
Brittle; damage target’s held items
Maelstrom; psychic winds swirls and tear at those around the caster, the initial storm is started and fueled by the caster then gains size and strength from others’ souls as they are torn and damaged
Bomb; caster exhausts themselves and their soul bursts out and infects others around them, the others then have a varying countdown before their own soul bursts explosively and further infects others
Item type
Unique Artifact
Tier 1 Elder Artifact

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