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by Liu
Everyone's mind conducts itself in a different manner. Most times we view this conduct as a vague cloud of thoughts, or streams of words and images flowing through. Other minds handle themselves far differently, constructing facilities for itself, organizing an environment.   This is the mindscape known as Versalis (ver-sal-es). Here, we can find the mental faculties of one Micah J. Daniel, or one of his other names.   From within this hub, we can visit the worlds of his stories; Wayfare, Despair
  There are more worlds and works to come. But for now, this is a place to assist in my world building and development; a place to throw every little idea and organize it for the STORIES!  
  Wayfare: The story of when Magus discovers Aeya is no ordinary pet fox and the two are flung into a journey to discover just what she really is.   Despair: An RP Campaign designed to be replayable for multiple people. Each iteration only further grows the lore and develops the modern history of the world.

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