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Organization: Order of Grey

Available class archetypes Cleric: knowledge, order, war Fighter: cavalier, banneret Monk: open hand Paladin: conquest Ranger: horizon walker Rogue: inquisitive


Acolyte   Legate   Inquisitor   High Inquisitor

Tenets of Faith

To uphold the law of the land.


The priests of this order are known as arbiters. They wear plain long grey robes, and the holy symbol of Chromium around their neck. Arbiters act as a neutral party when presiding over legal maters. It is their duty to survey all the facts of the matter and to render final judgment.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The order of Grey is politically neutral. They strive to uphold the law of whatever land they find themselves in. It is common to find some form of temple to the Order of Grey in almost every civilized settlement across Verdraxis.

Thy word is my blade, and the law is my shield. When chaos strikes, I shall never yield. I shall always abide by the laws of the land, And uphold order with an iron hand.

Religious, Holy Order
Related Ethnicities

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