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The Reclamation Edict


The Under-Empire of the dwarves and affiliated subterranean creatures (iron gnomes, kalroths, etc) once spanned the width and breadth of Venya, allowing quick travel beneath oceans and mountains, though during The Cataclysm almost all of it was smashed to oblivion as the world shook and cracked. Even in the 2500 years since that event there has been little progress in the way of reclamation of lost holds due to 90% of Venya's population dying in the aftermath. Only one dwarven hold survived this catastrophe, far from the epicentre, Khan Zorak.

The survivors fled to this hold, determined to find more of their own kind and the relative safety it offered in the aftermath of the Cataclysm. This was known as the 'Dwarven Exodus' and saw the few survivors abandoned the northern holds of Lenwir, including their capital city 'Khan Bannun'. Since that date any that sought to reclaim it have failed, or never been heard from again. Word spread that it was haunted, controlled by beings of terror and fear and that what remained of the great gates has all but shut to the outside world.  


The growing population of Khan Zorak has become a problem as they slowly reclaim lost tunnels and towns beneath the Trigrave Mountains but with a large presence of Khan Bannun descendants and others spreading from Khan Zorak into Nemir and the The Flametip Mountains, establishing small clans and quarters in other nations cities, it has become clear to the High King and Master Runecaller that the time for reclaiming the lost capital of Khan Bannun has come, and with it an edit was issued.

A Joint Declaration

It is a rare sight for High King, Thardin Ironshield and the leader of 'The Faith' Master Runecaller Arneth Stormwrath ever see eye-to-eye, for one guards the history, traditions and ancestors of the under-empire while the High King must look to the future, adapt to the changing climate of the world and rule with honour.

These two aspects rarely come together, and the two leaders of the Dwarven Enclave even less, but for them to make such a sweeping declaration has shocked many of the enclave. For it to be this way, many suspect further troubles are afoot, things that affect the stability and strength of the dwarves and iron gnomes themselves.

Signatories (Organizations)
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Edict of Reclamation

Honour and integrity.
A staple among those of the Dwarven Enclave.
It is known to us that to live, and die, by these words,
we must take action on a matter that has too long been ignored.
The north must be reclaimed.

It has ever been our goal to reclaim all of the under-empire.
And best to begin with the shining light that Khan Bannun once was.
Know that this is no easy task,
for beings of darkness and death have taken up residence in our old halls.
Their existence is a stain on our ancestors and honour.
One that must be expunged.

It is with this in mind that I, High King Thardin Ironshield,
in council with my counterpart, Master Runecaller Arneth Stormwrath,
have approved assistance from the throne for any that wish to lead an expedition with this goal.

Know that the hold itself is not the only goal, but also the reclamation of 'The Brighthammer' and the 'Runes of Opening.
Both are key in the reclamation of Khan Bannun and relighting of the northern Empire.

The Dwarven Enclave will guarantee wealth and prosperity for any that accomplish this goal,
and should a descendent of the Flamehammer line claim the hammer,
they are entitled to the throne of Khan Bannun as promised by the ancient bloodline laws.

So say we all;
High King Thardin Ironshield of the Brightsteel Throne

Master Runecaller, Arneth Stormwrath of 'The Faith'
The Stone Council


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