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Jake's Stateroom

Jake Cartwright Lawrence's official home away from Janikk, the Mordena heir's stateroom aboard the HMJ Ambition reveals his affluence and station within the mercenary organization, despite his overall practicality.

Purpose / Function

This is Jake's official home away from Janikk, and where he spends most of his non-working time courtesy of the stringent schedules often required in his role as Navarch of Mordena Public Relations. This is his safe space away from the responsibilities of his position, and as such is well equipped for his preferred methods of relaxation.

Sensory & Appearance

The deck is crafted of brightly stained wood, cool and clean to the touch and topped with soft, comfortable rugs in assorted places, particularly around the bed but also the shower and jetted tub. The lighting levels are highly adjustable depending upon the current usage of both rooms. The air is clean, the plants scattered around the room and other parts of the ship assisting in maintaining the freshness of the air despite its otherwise stale and recycled nature. The bulkheads and overhead are white.   Taken separately very little in the room screams wealth, the focus on practicality and comfort instead. The size of the room and its comfortable furnishings when taking into account their location within a spacecraft where space, resources, and the magical concentration to hyperjump are valuable commodities, however, quickly reveal Jake's power and affluence within the Mordena. The very existence of the window cements the impression.

Contents & Furnishings


Directly to the left of the entryway is Jake's workdesk, typically cluttered with an organized assortment of tyrellium crystals related to Jake's diplomatic work and current Runework projects. All but the current items of interest are kept stowed in the shelving above, in case of emergency Hyperjump. The desk also contains alchemical reagents although Jake does not often have the time needed to effectively further his Alchemy skills.   In the far corner stands a sturdy four person table, the surfaces scuffed from wear and memories. Used as his dining room table or extended workdesk, this is the kitchen table from his childhood home on Baden before it became the Mordena Embassy.   The full length of the inner bulkhead displays Jake's wardrobe. A third of this space, closest to the entryway, contains a large set of drawers neatly labeled with sizes and clothing types for use by his guests when necessary. The remain two thirds is split between a generous variety of largely unpatterned suits in assorted colors and styles, plus his assortment of Mordena uniforms for every occasion.   The outer bulkhead contains a large floor to ceiling window along its full length, extending into the bathroom, and carefully engineered to maintain privacy, safety, and the reinforced hull integrity of the rest of the Ambition. The double-paneled glass is specially enchanted with Thaumathea and Illusion Magic to appear the same as the metal bulkhead while viewed from outside, while a set of heavily reinforced battle doors are poised to slide between the glass in combat situations.   Against this window is the bed, an impressively oversized piece of furniture with room for several people to stretch out comfortably. Pillows line the bed along the wall, both for sleeping and sitting on, the mattress often serving as a gathering space in addition to its usual functions. The sheets are comfortable and practical, as are the contents of most of the room.  
  Potted plants from Janikk are scattered comfortably and artistically throughout, adding splashes of green and color as they help refresh the recycled air. A door on the far wall, toward the inner bulkhead, leads to the bathroom. The walls are soundproofed, muting noises not only from the hallway but also between each room.  


The bathroom contains a sink and cabinetry, as well as a secluded toilet with its own door. Unlike most of the quarters on the spacecraft Jake's shower uses actual water, with temperature control. The inner bulkhead also serves as a large cabinet full of an assortment of towels, washcloths, and toiletries, not all of which are Jake's. Hydromancy-enhanced anemantic fans pull water from the room for recycling, when activated.   The outer half of the bathroom is raised, the textured ramp leading to a large multi-person jetted bathtub installed directly against the full-wall window. With the exception of the window itself this the only truly ostentatious installation within the entire cabin.


Originally housing part of the barracks for the many Mordena Special Forces teams assigned to the ship, over the years the HMJ Ambition's starboard half of those barracks has been remodeled into a single large stateroom and bath, with a pair of guest rooms across the corridor. The outer bulkhead was retrofitted into a full length window, multilayered to maintain the dual reinforced layers of the Ambition's outer hull, and tinted to disguise the window's existence when viewed from outside.
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Jake's Stateroom
Jake's luxurious stateroom on the HMJ Ambition.

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