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    Felix's Quarters

    Felix's quarters are located in a simple but surprisingly spacious cabin across the passageway from Jake's Stateroom on the HMJ Ambition. While intended for guests, Jake has reassigned the cabin to Felix unless required for official business with Mordena Public Relations.

    Purpose / Function

    Constructed originally as a guest room immediately across the hall from Jake's Stateroom, this cabin now serves as Felix's private quarters. On the rare occasions it is needed by a visitor Felix will move his belongings into the barracks or the Stateroom, although his paintings will remain on the walls until his return.

    Contents & Furnishings

    Felix's furnishings are sparse, but comfortably functional. His queen sized bed takes up the back center of the room, with a table and two chairs tucked into the foreward corner, seen to the right when entering the room. Built in dressers grace the wall on both sides of the bed, his clothing and personal effects neatly stowed away in drawers or tied down to ensure their inclusion during an emergency Hyperjump.  
      The walls are adorned with an assortment of paintings, mostly landscapes of various places he has visited, all of them self-painted the way they appear to his Oramathea.   The doorway to his bathroom is found on the aft wall and contains a toilet and a sonic shower, plus an assortment of toiletries.


    Felix's quarters are located in one of the two guest rooms created on the Ambition across from Jake's Stateroom. The space was originally occupied by part of the barracks for the Special Forces assigned to the ship for its covert operations, and was remodeleved at the same time as the Stateroom to allow trusted guests and clients their own personal space on the ship. It was designed to mimic the feel of planetside hotel accommodations, and so bears a larger size than the average ship-based design.
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