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Horizon City, NY stands as a wonder of modern man. It is a sprawling metropolis that houses approximately two million people every day.   Horizon City is also home to one of the largest Quirkless populations in the world. A population which, by a sizable majority, has always lived in the boundaries of the city. A proud and humble people, who could not imagine living anywhere else. As the world has changed around them-with large swaths of people exhibiting Quirks-they have mostly remained unchanged from generation to generation. Horizon City regularly maintains a Quirk exhibiting a birth rate of approximately 20%.   Quirkless and 'natural' born humans run and operate the city. Similarly, those who exhibit Quirks live peacefully among the general population. However, just as with any city, Horizon City has its fair share of issues and concerns.   Recently, over the last decade, there has been a huge influx of Quirk exhibiting individuals moving to Horizon City. With the growth of the enhanced human population, there have been some growing pains. Those who would use their Quirks to attempt to skirt the law have become more common.   However, the situation in Horizon City is not completely dire. There has also been an exceptional increase in those who have used their Quirks for good. Those who use their abilities to assist and aid the police. Especially in the capture of other metahumans. These individuals are largely referred to as heroes. People who work in tandem with the police, who risk life and limb to make the streets of Horizon City safer.  

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