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Vanguard is a Discord voice-only game set in our version of the My Hero Academia universe using the basis of the MASKS system.   The game takes place in Horizon City, NY. A fictional city that serves as the hub for hero instruction and activity in the United States. Home to cutting edge technological advancements, revolutionary law enforcement policies, and premier educational institutions of both the normal and hero variety. All set on a sprawling urban backdrop with a pulse that beats whether under the watchful gaze of heroes or guided by the devious machinations of villains.   You take on the role of an amateur collegiate hero who aspires to one day become a professional hero. You have your own reasons for wanting to don the mantle of a hero, but one thing is for certain. You are here to make a difference. How and why you do that is up to you. But you have started your professional certification process by enrolling at Gold Academy. The premier hero college in the United States. You have recently been assigned to a newly formed hero team of your classmates. Each of which is anxiously chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves and gain respect in the hero community. Your team is mentored and supervised by one of the renowned hero instructors of the school.   However, just as good exists in this world, so does evil. A litany of villains have their own aspirations and wish to mold Horizon City the way they see fit. There have also been the mysterious and sometimes random sightings of a young woman throughout the city. A woman who seems to give off a strange and unsettling vibe.  

Where to start?

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