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The Heron

The Heron is a constellation visible during the summer months in Vanelle. Like many of the constellations, it was named long ago for one of the region's most prominent species. Other such animal constellations include the Bear, the Eagle, the Whale and the Jackal to name a few.   It is believed that the names of the Heron, and many others, have been the same since before the Ancient Era. The Heron, in particular, is referenced in several legends and folk stories thought to date back well into the Pre-Ancient Era.   While it can be difficult to see what many other constellations are meant to depict by looking at the formation of the stars within them, the Heron is more straight-forward. From the beak to the long legs and the tail, it quite clearly depicts a bird, which is why it's often the first constellation children are taught.   The Heron symbolises patience, stillness and determination and is often looked to for guidance by those faced with a long, challenging task. Fishermen will often ask for the patience of a heron before starting the day's work or heading out to sea. With its patience and skill as a hunter, the Heron acts as both a teacher to emulate, and a master to admire.   It is also these qualities (patience and determination) which make the Heron a symbol held highly by students. This may be another reason as to why the Heron is taught to children - to inspire a sense of these qualities early on. It is common, for example, for young apprentices or children going to an academy or school to be given a good-luck token depicting a heron or its constellation.
by Sofi Hjalmarsson
    Pictured above is an example of the kind of token (likely produced in bulk and picturing the constellation incorrectly) that would be given to a young student or apprentice to remind them of the qualities of the Heron.

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