The Grand Arcane

The Grand Arcane, God of Magic

The Grand Arcane is the first Prime God to form from the mana anomaly. When the mana anomaly happened, large amounts of mana formed together and gained sapience. The Grand Arcane can create without following the laws of exchange.  

The beauty of mana

The Grand Arcane has no desires or drives of a regular God. It does not want things or wants to destroy things, The Grand Arcane sees what other people do with mana as beautiful. It produces endless streams of mana across the universe, giving its gift of magic to anyone who dares to wield it, so that it may observe and see the many possibilities of mana.  

Unseeable, unhearable, untouchable

To see what The Grand Arcane could do with magic, it has altered its body in ways that made simply perceiving it is deadly. It exists in a shape and color that do not exist to us, known as the nth.   Due to this, upon attempting to perceive it in any way, will make a mortal go brain dead. Any non-mortal senses will render useless, such as golems or Enta will go blind and deaf in its presence. Machinery / cameras simply cannot produce any imagery of it.   While Salcondoran cannot describe what it sees, it can properly see the Grand Arcane. Solar Pyre can not, as she does not have the same affinity of creation that they do.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Grand Arcane is a huge expansion of crystallized mana. It's color and shape are indescribable.   It's color / shape are simply categorized as nth.

Physical quirks

Large crystallized meteoroids protect the Grand Arcane, making approaching it extremely dangerous

Special abilities

The ability to endlessly create Raw and Pure mana. Omniscient.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Magic, Mages, and spells,   Dislikes Black Mana and Corruption

Divine Classification
Prime God
Prime God
Material Plane
Year of Birth
-15000 (15722 years old)


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