The Grand Arcane

The Grand Arcane, God of Magic

The Grand Arcane is one of the three Gods created by the Mana Anomaly, and also happened to be the first. When the Mana Anomaly happened, large amounts of mana formed together and gained sapience, becoming the Grand Arcane. It produces endless streams of mana across the universe, giving its gift of magic to anyone who dares to wield it, so that it may observe and witness the many possibilities and potentials mana holds.  

Beauty in Mana

The Grand Arcane does not have the usual desires or drives of a regular God. It does not wish to create nor destroy things, The Grand Arcane sees what other people do with mana as beautiful. Serving as the progenitor of mana, it produces a steady flow of the substance throughout the universe, giving the gift of its magic to anyone who dares attempt to wield it. The Grand Arcane does not do this for any ulterior motive other than wishing to see how its mana will be used by others, and how their use of its mana will have an impact on their lives.  

Dealings with Salcondoran

The desire of the Grand Arcane to see what others could do with its mana even went to the extent of it providing fragments of itself to Salcondoran, to help fuel their efforts in the creation of divine servants. Although this was in exchange for existential knowledge from Salcondoran, it was also simply because it wanted to see what they would attempt to use its fragments for, and what they would be able to actually accomplish with them. Something to note as well, is that these fragments did not share the same properties as the Grand Arcane itself, lacking the incomprehensibility it possessed. Salcondoran would later perform a ritual to imbue souls into these fragments, creating what would come to be known as the Enta. While the Enta did technically somewhat come from the Grand Arcane, it doesn't actually feel any particular way towards them, nor do the Enta really feel any particular way towards it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

To see what The Grand Arcane could do with magic, it altered its body in ways that made simply attempting to perceive it deadly. It exists as a shape and color that does not feasibly exist to others besides itself, known as the nth. Due to this, attempting to perceive it in any way will make a mortal essentially experience total brain death. External senses of non-mortals would be rendered useless, meaning entities such as golems, Enta, Primals, etcetera would be unable to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste any stimulus while in presence of the Grand Arcane, regardless of if they otherwise could or not. As well as this, machinery such as cameras are simply unable to produce any imagery of it. While Salcondoran can properly see the Grand Arcane, they are unable to describe it in any capacity. Salcondoran is the only other entity besides the Grand Arcane itself that is able to perceive it in any manner. Even Solar Pyre is unable to perceive it, as she does not have the same affinity of creation that Salcondoran does.

Special abilities

Large crystallized meteoroids protect the Grand Arcane, making approaching it extremely dangerous. The Grand Arcane also possesses the ability to endlessly create Raw and Pure mana. It is also Omnipresent, in a sense.


Divine Classification
Prime God
Prime God
Year of Birth
15000 BK 15722 Years old


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