Prime God

The Prime Gods are the three original entities created by the mana anomaly. The Prime Gods are the only three entities that can break the law of exchange.     When the mana anomaly begun, the Prime Gods were created from three aspects of mana, The Aspect of Creation, The Aspect of Arcane, and The Aspect of Destruction

Basic Information


The Prime gods differ in appearance greatly, due to being born of raw mana and divine magic.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Each Prime God is omniscient, and knows everything.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Prime Gods are all omniscient, and have omni-Intuition.

Civilization and Culture


The Three Prime Gods are the reason the universe came to being. They were created at the beginning of time, by the mana anomaly. Through arcane, creation, and destruction magic, they each control the universe in a balance.   Although, while creating the universe, The God of Creation, Salcondoran, made special entities called Primals in the process.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Prime Gods keep to themselves and the other divine, they try not to interact with mortals.

Aspects of Mana


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