Salcondoran, God of Creation

Salcondoran was one of the three Gods created by the mana anomaly. Conjured by mana's aspects of Creation, Salcondoran has the ultimate ability to create whatever it pleases, with no drawbacks or limitations. Salcondoran can create without following the laws of exchange.   Salcondoran easily fell in love with Solar Pyre, and she fell in love with it, so they declared themselves as husband and wife.  

It's creations

Salcondoran was responsible for the creation of the universe, the Primals, and the Enta. However, over time, Salcondoran became more and more nihilistic as it got bored of its creations, seeing things as a waste of time, as everything just perishes in time.   Salcondoran eventually became malicious, and even abused its wife, Solar Pyre, with eternal curses and burns.  

Abandoning the mortals

As Salcondoran's cruelty grew, Solar Pyre was fed up with his abuse, she left him and the Heaven realm, Salcondoran reacted by locking itself into Heaven, to never open its gates for any living creature. In its solitude, it created more Enta to keep itself company.

Divine Domains


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Salcondoran is a large 6-legged golden deer, with large antlers made of Ichor. it is large, with very lanky legs. It lacks a mouth, and has large eyebrows.

Identifying Characteristics

Has six legs, flowing ichor antlers, very stern looking expression.

Divine Classification
Prime God
Prime God
Year of Birth
-15000 (15722 years old)
Pure white glowing spheres
Silky golden fur


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