One of the four Beastfolk, the Ottsel are known as the marinefolk. They lack distinctive breeds, as compaired to the other beastkin.

Basic Information


The Ottsel are coated in thick, waterproof fur, which coloration can range from dark brown to a light gray. Some are born with 'shore patterns' in which ones head is a lighter color then the body, most commonly in colonies that live near the ocean. Their digits are clawed and webbed, with rough padding on their palms. They are born with a thick long tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ottsel gestation takes around two months, and in some cases longer. They can birth up to three pups at a time. They can only give birth once a year. They are unable to breed with other beastkin.

Ecology and Habitats

The marinefolk are well formed for aquatic territories, and will favor them, such as rivers, swamps, lakes and oceans. They tend to build their settlements on the shores and riverbanks, or in floating towns.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Ottsel are rarely seen in work that isn't related to the water, spending most of their time as fishermen, sailors, or scavengers.   Some will trade in the things they find under the water, but consider it best to leave such secrets to the depths.   Enslaved Ottsel are typically used for fishing, or assisting in the construction of sewers, aqueducts, and docks.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Ottsels senses are considered average above water, but are able to see and feel in the water better then the other races.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Metal is surprisingly rare in Ottsel colonies, in part a lack of knowledge, and in part a lack of need. Salvaged iron is most likely to be used in daggers or fishing spears. Ocean-bound communities will oft use coral as accessories. They are known for ship building, their canoes being useful in trade, exploring, and in some cases smuggling. Ocean-bound canoes are fast and agile, used by some pirates if needed, but lack in firepower compared to Townfolk ships. Weapons and armor tend to be simple, fishing harpoons can be made into spears, but many will take up a Valian made cutlass if given the chance.

Common Dress Code

River and lake Ottsel will tend to wear more then their oceanic counterparts, but both can be seen with accessories and jewelry, which material and make varies from where it comes. Belts, straps, and bandoleers are often worn tightly by divers and spear fishers, as to keep equipment close by.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Many river Ottsel share a 'pleasant' relationship with Vasnarili tribes, as providing fish can be traded in for protection. Some members of both races can be seen living in the same village, if rarely. They try to avoid conflict, be it with other races or each other, and as such are often seen as naive fools at best, or peace-loving idiots with a death wish at worst. Of all the beastkin, the townsfolk see the Ottsel as the worse, being considered easy to capture but only useful in specialized jobs. Even outside of slave-territories, they are seen as smugglers and pirates.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
20 - 50 years
Average Height
Natural Mana Potency


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