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Bakarii Kingdoms

The central band of the northwestern continent is ruled by a confederation of independent kingdoms, that banded together in a united front against their common enemy, the Husskar Empire. this history of the kingdoms starts with a shared culture group called the Bakarii. The Bakarii were a wild and brutal warlike peoples that shared many cultural similarities to their northern cousins, however, they were eventualy conquered by the Husskar Empire and forced to assimilate aspects of the Empire's cultural values. when the empire stated to weaken the Bakarii states rebelled and formed the kingdoms. A few Bakarii clans that maintain their traditional values still exist in northern wilds.


King/Queen > Prince/Princess > Duke/Duchess > Marquess/Marchioness = Margrave/Margravine > Count/Countess = Earl > Baron/Baroness
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
Central Kingdoms

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