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An ancient world dedicated to the god Vaellen. in the long distant past, an advanced civilization existed on the world of Vaellenthia, however, this civilization underwent incredible strife, and due to Vaellens strict noninterference policy, the civilization fell leaving Vaellenthia uninhabited for thousands of years until Vaellen decided to repopulate it. many remnants of their technological feats can still be found and are highly valued. one of the inhabitants of this lost civilization, Malikai, rose to divinity and absolutely loathes Vaellen, blaming him for the destruction of his people and has made it his sole purpose to destroy Vaellen, and erase him and any trace of him from existence. Vaellen, on the verge of having everything he holds destroyed by Malikai and his corrupted legion seriously re-evaluates his total noninterference policy and after gaining some inspiration from the neutral world of earth, decides to create a device that transports consciousnesses across the dimensions and sells this device as a Full Immersion Virtual Reality gaming console and transports gamers from earth to Vaellenthia under the guise of a MMORPG essentially creating an immortal army to fight against Malikai's invading legions.