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Messenger Doves

Top image: Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) male, Kent Ridge Park, Singapore. JJ Harrison ( - Own work

The only thing we can hope for is to see a flying pigeon come from the west… Wouldn't that be amazing?

I see it! I see it! The pigeon arrived on time! It seems like reinforcements are coming directly from London!

A Yudonian soldier's diary from World War One found near the Marne river
  During the second decade of the 20th century, soldiers from all around the world battled on the European trenches, massacring each other in deadly battles and failed advances. During all this chaos, there were only a few reliably communication methods in between armies on the same side: Doves. Animals capable of flying hundreds of kilometers with a small piece of paper with valuable information for those in the frontlines. They were the real heroes of the war.  


Messenger Doves had to be trained for weeks before being sent into the battlefield, and they had to be trained by professionals. For that reason, on 1912 the Flying Doves Corp was created with base on Piccolia. From there, more than 12,000 doves were trained for combat in between 1912 and 1946. The training evolved with time, but overall, the doves were thought to always, whatever may happen, they had to arrive on destination, even if that meant possible life risks. Eventually, Yudonian doves would be recognized as the most efficient and obedient doves from all the allied forces and countries like UK and France started to buy them.  


From the first years of the 20th century first doves took off and it would be a journey that would never end. Until this day the Flying Doves Corp keeps operating, although in a reduced matter, and producing high quality messenger doves that could be used in case of a national emergency as a secondary way of communication.

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