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Bad Mountains' Namesake


Material Characteristics

The appearance ranges from almost black to light tan. It is smooth after being tanned to leather. Surprisingly flowing after some processes used by the madmen of the mountains. There is a hint of magic to it as well that can be felt as a thin slimy layer. H   Humans are sought after due to their ubiquity in the region, though any humanoid would do, except the smaller races.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The skin itself is resistant to flame, a nice protection against windchill, and light.


Many shields of the madmen and crazed giants that live therein are made entirely of humanhide. It is also said to be used in rituals and potioncraft.

Origin & Source

Any human will do. Full-grown are sought out and if one finds themselves lost in the Bad Mountains, surely their will end up decorating some mad chieftain's shield.

Life & Expiration

A good tanned humanhide can last a few decades before deteriorating. The process of restoration is feasible, but it is usually much better for the madmen to simply capture someone else, or go to their human pens.

History & Usage


First use was seen when the Bad Mountains descended to eastern Kormice of Evoria. Their wielding of human-covered shields terrified the humans and the tales spread quickly across the land. A few soldiers found their old friends or family on some of the shields. Since then the usage has not diminished.

Everyday use

Aside from shields, many madmen fashion bowls or cups from hardened humanhide. Blankets are used with the humanhide on the inside to act as insulation with bear fur covering the outside.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The humanhide is synonymous with the Bad Mountains, and part of the reason that region has that name.


The human skin is stripped, slightly cooked to relieve oils from the skin, and tanned. A few other unknown processes occur that give it a sleek softness.

Manufacturing & Products

Clothing, blankets, bowls, cups, sails for boats in the oily lakes of the region.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

A good bit of oil can be extracted from the skin, plus a good bit of meat as well. Bones can be ground for potions as well.

Reusability & Recycling

There is no recycling of this product. Once it start deteriorating it is thrown out.


Trade & Market

Many human skins are traded based on their color, size, and treatment. Fairly commonplace in markets of the Bad Mountains.


Folded and in chests for preserve their integrity.

Law & Regulation

Laws forbid this practice outside of the Bad Mountains and Ognatum swamp.
If a price could be put on it, it would cost about 50gp.
There is no smell one would think would come from tanned human skin.
Almost black to light tan, depending on the human.


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