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Common Idioms

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Options may repeat as they have multiple themes.  

Advice, Wisdom

  • "(Don't) grab a dwarf by the beard." = (don't) start a fight
  • "You’ll never know the length of a vein until you mine it." = you never know how good it is until you try
  • "At night, be the shadows." = when in Rome...
  • "A still forest means trouble." = if you sense it may be dangerous it probably is.
  • "If you don’t have a dog, hunt with a cat." = make the best of your situation
  • "Don’t praise the day before the evening." = don’t take things for granted too early.
  • "Even squirrels fall from trees." = sometimes even experts are wrong/can fail
  • "Don’t jump ditches the long way." = don’t do things the hard way
  • "Don’t start the house with the roof." = you need to do things in the right order
  • "Don't ask the bard for more than one song." = don’t push your luck
  • "A bad situation is like a bad ale. Best to drink it fast and not taste it long in your night of regret. Next time, check the label."

Alcohol, Bar/Tavern

  • "Tin-cupper." = a bar too rowdy to use glassware
  • "Could wilt the ears off an elf." = very strong liquor
  • "Can’t see the bottom of an empty mug." = drunk
  • "Not here to drink dragon wine." = here to drink cheap, low quality liquor
  • "A hall in Ysgard" = great food but in a wild, rowdy atmosphere


  • "Got the charm of a succubus/incubus." = charming or overtly sexy female/male
  • "Could wield a dragon like a club." = very strong, usually foolhardy, too
  • "Voice that could soothe a owlbear." = very beautiful singing voice
  • "Brighter than Pelor's Cathedral." = cheery, warm personality
  • "Like a giant's hug." = warm, comforting

Critical, Derogatory

  • "Stinks enough to gag a goblin." = really stinks
  • "Haven’t got the sense to tell a bishop from a bugbear." = very dumb
  • "Piss'n a wicker basket." = impossible, useless
  • "Kenku speech." = imitation without understanding
  • "More brains than a troll." = backhanded compliment of intelligence.
  • "Growing scales on his ass." = acting uncharacteristically strong or brave
  • "Too many crowns for one head." = more money than sense
  • "Can’t carry a tune in a minecart." = can't sing
  • "Crown's on his seat shiner." = an idiotic authority figure
  • "Hold your sword by the hilt." = keep it simple, stupid
  • "You could sharpen an axe on his head." = when someone is really stubborn
  • "Leave your temple in the village." = don’t grandstand
  • "Flies can't enter a closed mouth." = stop talking
  • "A splinter from a branch." = similar to "like father, like son" but derogatory
  • "Met/meet in the crypt." = tenebrous, unlawful dealings

Exclamation, Interjection

  • "By the Sun!" = generic exclamation.
  • "Grain-mother..." = exclamation of surprise.
  • "Hell's Hounds!" = exclamation of disapproval.
  • "Flames take thee!" = exclamation of rage
  • "(But) fie on _______" = interjection of disgust about something, usually a concept or idea. e.g. "but fie on cowardice/hope/death"
  • "Ya talk to a brass dragon once..." = regret at speaking with an overly loquacious person


  • "Hungry enough to eat the north end of a south-bound stallion." = really hungry
  • "Hot as a goblin ass in a pepper patch." = very spicy
  • "Gutter-soup" = really bad food
  • "A hall in Ysgard" = great food but in a wild, rowdy atmosphere
  • "Stinks enough to gag a goblin." = really stinks


  • "Crown." = gold coin
  • "Link." = silver coin
  • "Button." = copper coin
  • "More wool than a shepherd." = (someone) is wealthy
  • "Pissin' pearls." = someone who is wealthy
  • "Wheat and Barley." = gold and silver (money in a large sum)
  • "Dusty coffers." = very poor, in debt
  • "Melt some metal." = splurge or spend extravagantly
  • "Too many crowns for one head." = more money than sense

Monsters, evil creatures

  • "Crusties." = undead, especially those afflicted with disease
  • "Scale-hearts" = dragons, dragon-like
  • "Tuskie/Tusker" = orcs
  • "Smilers" = cultists, who revel in killing
  • "Sweep(s)" = robber, thief (they sweep building of items)
  • "Brooder" = someone shady or untrustworthy


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