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Eons have passed since the Destroyer's defeat. Elladia has returned to peace, and under the auspices of the Union Of Elladia, A vast starfaring nation has been made. Stretching across the entire galaxy, The Union's rule has brought peace and prosperity to all the world's under it. All of it is about to change however. Elladia has not seen the last of the Destroyer   Kalias Velkuran is a young man, barely 20 years of age. Travelling to the world of Valindrus to pass his entrance examinations for the TITAN University, he and his mates encounter some mysterious beings which are beyond explanation. To his horror, he discovers that they are an ancient evil, thought long dead. Barely surviving the encounter, he is thought a madman on Valindrus but the inhabitants of the world soon learn that they are in the vanguard of another invasion.   As the Universe goes to war once more, Kalias and his friends must fight the ancient evil, and venture across worlds and dimensions to discover the unsettling truth that they are losing, that the Destroyer had not been defeated