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Traits help define who you are in the world of Umbaris, but be warned! The corruption will begin to wither away what makes you, well, you. Players will roll 3 d20 to determine what three traits they begin with. Will gain one additional trait at lv 10.  
  1. Cheerful- Once per player and once per day, players can add 1D4 to their skill checks. When Corrupted, players will gain a debuff of -1 to strength, wisdom, intelligence, or charisma.
  2. Inattentive- Players have -1 to perception.
  3. Steady Mind- Players are less likely to gain a corruption point. When corrupted, players will gain double the corruption points.
  4. Superstious- Players are more affected by Corruption events.
  5. Compassionate- Players lose one point of corruption when doing good deeds. Players gain one point when performing ill deeds.
  6. Uncooperative- Players have a -1 on teamwork rolls.
  7. Good at teamwork- Players once per combat gain 1D6 to teamwork rolls.
  8. Violent tendancies- Players, when affected by player-specific corruption events, have the chance to experience a violent break. Roll 1D20; on pass, players gain a +2 when attacking in the next combat. On fail, players lash out at their party members until they are stopped.
  9. Intelligent- Players, once per combat, can roll to determine the layout of the combat terrain. Gain an advantage in the next attack.
  10. Lazy- crafted items have -10 to durability.
  11. Nimble- Players who are nimble have an additional proficiency in agility. When Corrupted, players will gain -1 to agility.
  12. Needy- Players who attack alone have a -2 to attack, but when attacking with one or more party members, gain +2 to attack
  13. Morbid- Players are less affected by Corruption events.
  14. Selfless- Once per combat, players can gain the "Stalwart" buff when aiding fellow party members. "Stalwart" players gain +3 to ac when defending.
  15. Unintelligent- Players have a -1 to int rolls.
  16. Empathetic- Players can roll to determine the emotions of the character they are talking to.
  17. Attentive- Players have an advantage when searching for holdout places and materials. Defenses have 10 points more durability.
  18. Innovative- Once per day, when crafting potions and poisons, players have a 50% chance to create an extra potion.
  19. Weak-willed- Players have a -2 to Wisdom checks
  20. Healing Mind- Once per day, players can roll to heal one point of corruption in all players. When corrupted, the player will roll 1d20. Evens, nothing happens. Odds, all players gain a corruption point.

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