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The Spirit of the Ocean

The Spirit of the Ocean also referred to as 'Spirit, is a unique liquid substance found alongside the coasts of the Ouv Isles, and is considered a very rare and expensive resource that can be used to aid in a number of things ranging from medical work and inventions to magic and even food.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Spirit is always found in hot springs, and as such, they are naturally very warm and smooth; Spirit can be frozen but when this happens it enters a hard solid state where it loses its shimmer and darkens in color. If the substance is heated too much it will produce a flame but both the substance and the flames cause no harm to the surrounding individuals, which increases the curiosity of scientists as to the true nature of the substance.

Geology & Geography

As mentioned beforehand, Spirit is only found in underground hot springs in the Ouv Isles and one other small location, both of which are considered the most tropical places in all of Ultimus.

Life & Expiration

Spirit has no known expiration to use, as it takes a long time to produce and went undiscovered for centuries before the first person used some.

History & Usage


Spirit was discovered by the third generation head crew of @Armada as they attempted to find a source of freshwater for more inland settlements as opposed to the need of boiled salt-water.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The 'Spirit' is a severely important component of many traditions and celebrations for the Ouv Isles and members of Armada and as such a good portion of the 'Spirit' claimed is given to the natives.


A few hundred gold can buy you a decent sized bottle of this liquid
Extremely rare, can only be found in a small area aside from the underground hot springs of the Ouv Isles
Smell resembles that of fresh cut flowers
Sweet like honey with an aftertaste of tart fruit
A shimmery teal with gold flecks
Common State
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