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Placeholder Race

This is a W.I.P. Race that has been confirmed to exist in the world but has not yet been given any stats.
  Hallion are beastly creatures, mixed all up with arcane energies they are far too unstable to be suitable as part of the workforce.   With all the looks the content of a farmyard thrown into a mixing bowl and flung back out, Hallion are strange-looking creatures, to say the least. But do not let this description fool you into thinking that they hold the appearance of some unusual chimaera. No, all the parts they hold seem to somehow keep a place within their frame in a way that gives the impression that they are meant to be there. It is their insides that seem to be the thing that is at odds with them. They are a simple whirling mess of motives and emotions that threaten to burst out of them like an overstuffed ragdoll at any time.   Standing roughly at one and a half times the higher of a man. They do tend to tower over most folk.   Supposedly the offspring of intense magical energies grow to dangerous levels in the proximity of massed domesticated animals.   Hallions in the Worlds In worlds of high magic, hallions are products of intense arcane forces of wild magic surges. They course with power and have an innate command over the forces that birthed them. In more standard fantasy universes they may very well be the product of magic or some arcane experiments. But they are generally not corseting whit them, simply holding an array of physical abilities beyond their more modest peers. In soft-sic-fi or even more, modern settings they could instead be the result of secretive government experiments to make a force of expendable super soldiers. Or maybe a playable workforce able to be pushed well beyond the limits of a normal human being. They even of them once until they were twisted into this new race. But in Hard Science Fiction or Very low fantasy settings, they are most likely a natural evolution adapted to a harsh and ecologically restless environment. Only bearing a slight resemblance to the creature of earth. Unless of course, it is so far in the future that they could have become that way by nature. Yet even in our own world, people are already beginning to mess around with gene editing. Nd with the way the world is going it may not be all that unrealistic to imagine a world where the fusion of beast or even man and beast may walk the earth.


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