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  Abgrundocks are creatures of the more safe parts of nature. possessed of an unnatural vigour that comes from prolonged exposure to the darkness that lies within the hearts of all men.   Fast and powerful abrundocks are a great choice for anybody looking to play a charater able to jump between the shadows.

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A Standard Hybrid, Tier 2 Race

Medium Humanoid

Subtype(s): Demon

Speed: Standard 30ft, Climb 30ft, Leap 15ft. | May be Replaced with Base Racial Stats.

Natural Armour: Same as Base Race.

Sences: Vision 120ft, Darkvison 60ft, Bloodscent 1200ft. | Replaces Base Racial Stats!

Ability Scores

+0 Total: +1 Str, +1 Dex, -1 Wis, -1 Cha | Applied Over Base Racial Stats!

Natural Attack(s)


Replaces Base Racial Attacks
  2 Attacks | To Hit: 1d20+Str/Dex | On Hit: 1d4+Str Slashing Damage | x2 Critical                                          

Racial Proficiencies

Base Racial Profciencies + Planes & Athletics

Racial Languages

Base Racial Languages + Abyssal

Racial Features

Blurred Rage

  Demonic anger surges through you, pushing you forward with unbridled force. Though this comes at the cost of an incredibly short temper. | As a bonus action, you may leap forward up to 15ft, while doing so you may also land firmly on any surface you can climb. You have advantage on saving throws against anything that may impede your movement (unless otherwise stated). However, you automatical fail any saving throw made against taunts. [This includes Neep Rage.]    

Innate Fear / Dark Reverance

  Unless hidden, your demonic heritage sponsors a visible reaction in others depending on their views and allegiances. | When dealing with NPC's who know of, or can see your heritage you cause the following effects: 
  • For those who fear, hate or distrust demons or fiends in general: Disadvantage on all Insight and Persuasion checks, and advantage on all intimidation checks made against them.
  • For those who serve or rever all things demonic: Advantage on all Persuasion checks made against them.

Alternative Racial Features

The following features can be take in place of standard racial features.


Racial Feats

You may pick any one of the following racial feats in place of an ordinary feat upon reaching the appropriate level.


Racial Heritages

Abgrundocks are born or created form demonic pacts, ancestry or ritual. Pick a single base race.  

Base Races



Undying Anger!


Unbridled Anger.
  Nothing can stop your anger, nothing. | Any slight you may take against you, such as insults or spilt drinks now provokes a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw. Failing this throw cause you to state hostile intentions against them. If they do not back down or offer apology you must make the check again. Failing it the second time results in you having to attack the offending creature with your full combat ability. [This is not affected by Blurred Rage.]  

Demonic Horns

Replaces Horns
  Though they may now be small, Your head is destined to be crowned with a mighty set of terrifying horns. | Your horns grow in power as you do, growing forward one stage with every four levels total you gain. You may use your horns as a bonus action, gaining an additional effect when moving over 20ft. in a straight line towards the target.   Demonic Neep Horns  

Any Tier 1 Race

Excluding any already listed
Pick two racial features from this race, you inherit all other stats from this race.                                

Block Link: Abgrundock [URS]


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