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Marely Beowulf

Omega Marely Beowulf (a.k.a. Mare)

She is a part of the Beowulf pack. She is bitter about the attention Nox gets and does not trust humans. She grew up lowly ranked and when she met her mate she wanted him to be powerful and lead the pack. She felt like she was left out of Nox and her three brothers, she also missed her mother that had been killed. She is very harsh to her mate sometimes but she does love him and always feels guilty about it. He forgives her of course.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong and muscly, her body is fit and she is very tall like her genes allowed her to be. She is a little slow and does not have the smooth technique her siblings does.

Body Features

She has tanned skin from being outside at all times and has very long platinum hair. Her body is tall and stank though packed with muscles. She is hairier than most girls but the hairs are so light it’s barely noticed.

Facial Features

She has a heart shaped face and soft features. Her eyes are shaped like a wolves. Her fingers are longer and thinner, the nails at least from her claws.

Physical quirks

She walks very confidently though she has that predatory watchfullnes of a scared animal. When she is angry her lips lifts up to show her teeth in a snarl.

Apparel & Accessories

Her clothes are very simple and torn, mostly filled with holes and in dirty rags.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She grew up as an outcast, an omega. Her mother always took care of her and she loved her dearly. She was heartbroken when she died. Upon meeting her mate she hoped for mor community and connection, she hoped she would feel like a part of a family. When the pack was scattered she got what she wanted but then Nox returned and she was ignored by her brothers once again which hurt her. She wanted her mate to fight for power that would make them a part of the pack but he did not want to and they had a fight. Eventually, feeling guilty, she apologized to him and he of course forgave his mate whom he loved.


She started of as an omega in her pack, when she found her mate she was move up. Once her pack was shattered she was only a regular member until she challenged Nox, her alpha and was made an omega again. Eventually she switched packs to that of her mates, he had originally taken her pack but they now moved back to his.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She realized her mistakes and apologized to her mate guiltily, she has always lived him. She proposed they move into his original pack to live a happy life and leave her past that she had tried to better without luck.

Failures & Embarrassments

She challenged Nox and lost, it was embarrassing and degraded her rank. She also blamed her mate for their unfortune.

Personality Characteristics


Wants to have power and be noticed. Her greatest wish is to feel a part of something bigger, a connection like that of a family.

Likes & Dislikes

She hates being weak and hot-headed. She loves that cozy feeling of a family and being part of something big. She loves to cuddle with her mate and just spend time with him.

Virtues & Personality perks

She realizes her own faults and can admit when she is wrong however embarrassed she might be.

Vices & Personality flaws

She is very stubborn and hot-headed. If she is set on something she sometimes forgets to see from another perspective until it fits her.


Mostly covered in dirt but cleans up fully whenever she gets to it. She isn’t bothered by dirt at all and mostly is fatuous to not get more dirty than she needs.


Family Ties

She loved her mother, had no real opinion about her father. She was the outcast though not omega in the family. She felt left behind when their family was killed and her brothers only seemed to care about Nox, their sister.

Social Aptitude

She is very confident of herself and usually speaks reason though she can be to stubborn at times and determined until it’s to late, she can admit fault though.

Hobbies & Pets

She loves family games and spending time with friends. In her freetime she plays or cuddle down with someone she likes to spend them with.

Current Location
Pack Camp
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Omega of the Beowulf Pack (former)
Beowulf Pack Territory
Current Residence
Pack Camp
Biological Sex
Tawny wolfs eyes
Platinum blond
Aligned Organization
Beowulf Pack

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