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Ardeen Falx

Ardeen Donnica Falx (a.k.a. Ara)

She had always had strong magic and was gifted, her sister was not as much and hated her for being favored and was very jealous. Her sister thought she deserved to be crone as she was the firstborn and put in effort. She had never cared about the coven but her sister did. When a sickness swept out half the coven she got a daughter. As she broke the law her sister took her daughter from her and raised her to be obedient to her. She was thrown out of the coven by her sister, the crone.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ara is tall and fit as well as agile. Apart from her kind she has aged as she doesn’t use her magic like it’s needed to achieve youth.

Body Features

She has dark skin and a fit body. Ara is very tall and agile from her younger days though her body has aged, she could be described as middle-aged though she is far older than that.

Facial Features

Ara has the typical Berkelian look. Sharp jaw and high cheekbones. The look is completed by small eyes and a long forehead.

Identifying Characteristics

Ara always wears colorful clothes and lots of gaudy accessories.

Physical quirks

Ardeen has a spring in her step from a happy youth and uses wide gestures when she explains things. She is always quick to smile.

Special abilities

Black magic, can absorb other creatures magic and borrow it temporarily herself.

Apparel & Accessories

Her clothes are simple and colorful. She usually wears whatever she thinks looks pretty with lots of accessories. Bracelets and necklaces with large stones adorns her at most times.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ardeen grew up gifted and then got the attention of most of the coven, her sister was not as lucky and began to hate Ara. Ara was always surrounded by people and was incredibly sympathetic. Though she had great powers she had no interest at all in the coven or her studies which angered her mother. She took refugee with her best friend, her maid, she followed her t the city and discovered the world wasn’t as she had told it would be. She began to revolt and when half the coven was wiped out by a sickness she was thrown out for having broken the law. She was pregnant though, her daughter grew up feeling badly handled and moved to her sister and coven. Now she follows Ara’s sister blindly. But Ara has hope for her granddaughter, that she will open her eyes and realize what is right and what is not.


Ara was trained by her mother the crone of the Flammae coven together with her sister. She was the top in her class and very powerful, she didn’t need to put in any special effort while using magic.


She was a former warrior in the coven but now works here and there in the city. She might babysit children or help in the markets. Maybe she even works extra for her favorite bar.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ara made the decision to sneak out one night and she will never forget it. A great night left her pregnant and though she never felt anything for the father the experience and her daughter changed her ways and she realized she is not want to be a part of the cruel coven anymore. She left and made a life for herself of helping people in the world.

Failures & Embarrassments

She misses her daughter and knows she forced her into joining the coven. She hid things from her daughter and she acted like a child, did not take responsibility which drove her daughter to take things in her own hands. She joined her aunt who seemed better and was her only choice.

Mental Trauma

She is afraid of being alone and terrified of screwing up though she keeps doing it. She remembers a time when she was locked away and did not communicate with anyone for days, loneliness is her biggest fear.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ara is sympathetic and has a powerful pure black magic.

Personality Characteristics


Ardeen wants to help others and secretly Hopes to get ger daughters forgiveness. Ara has also always wanted to see her granddaughter grow up and do the right thing.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Ara has always been able to use incredibly powerful magic to wield t her own will.

Likes & Dislikes

She hates to clean but loves to just let go and be free.

Virtues & Personality perks

Sympathetic and can understand and help others without judging them to hard.

Vices & Personality flaws

She has always been childish and does t want to take responsibility. Sometimes she makes the wrong decision but can’t always say sorry.

Personality Quirks

She always licks her lips when she is lying or hides her mouth with her hands.


Her house is clean but everything is a mess, she usually doesn’t find what she looks for and is generally very absentminded. She hates to clean and it’s even harder for guests to navigate her house.


Contacts & Relations

Ardeen is friendly with most people she meets though she has a strained relationship with most witches, especially the Twilight Flame coven which she has history with. She knows most of the locals living in the city and has everyone on a personal place close to her.

Family Ties

Her sister is the crone of the Twilight Flame coven and she has a daughter who is the obedient follower of her sister. Her granddaughter she has never met but she knows her granddaughter will be better.

Social Aptitude

Ara is extremely charismatic and generally lightens the mood. She loves to let go and be free, to have fun. She flirts freely and widely but is easily fooled, she makes up for it by being able to manipulate others to she would nev r use it to do any harm.


If Ara lies it can be pointed out by the licking of her lips or when she hides her mouth with her hands. She usually always smiles brightly and gestures wildly.

Hobbies & Pets

Ardeen loves games, drinking games or just childish play does not matter. She likes to experience something new and is very open to try new things. She especially likes to travel though she does not do that often. She is always spending time with someone, talking and laughing.


Ara swears like a sailor and has taken to the local language. She has a very light tone and always speaks happily and excitedly.

Current Location
Falx mansion
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Coven of the Twilight Flame
Known Languages
Ara knows Tyrrelic and Berkeli fluent, she never bothered to learn the other languages.

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