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Love spell

A love spell is an advanced spell that can be a minor charm or a curse. The spell will cause someone to fall in love with either the person who cast the spell or the first person they see. The feeling of love can turn into a severe obsession. Although most love spells wear off, some spells do not and have to be broken by another spell or potion, which can cause problems. Because of how dangerous the spell can be, it is taught to students who are in their mid-year of Magic school, although some witches and wizards are able to learn it at earlier as their parents may be a witch/wizards.


The spell can cause intense feelings of love from the person it was cast on. This sometimes can have serious consequences, as the feeling of love can be so intense the person can't think of anyone or anything else and will go to extreme measures to be with them. (Yandere much) There are reports of the target being stalked, and their close friends getting severely injured/murdered by the person who is under the love spell.

Side/Secondary Effects

Inability to focus, restless


The spell itself is a sparkly pink flash and has a sweet smell to it. It can sometimes spell something that symbolizes the person that the target is about to fall in love with.
Material Components
A wand is usually needed to cast the spell but experienced witches/wizards can cast spells without using a wand.
Gestures & Ritual
A wand needs to be pointed towards the target so the magic will hit them. In order for the spell to hit the target, there should be no other people around so the spell won't hit them instead.
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
Applied Restriction
Can not be used on demons as they are immune to magic. It will not work if the person is already in love with the target or have a strong obsession with a different person, who may or may not be the target.

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Jan 17, 2022 13:01 by Marc Zipper

This is awesome I love this love spell that basically turns people into Yandere. this makes perfect sense let's go could turn it into a complete obsession. This is definitely better than just being some mindless love slave.

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