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Bloodmoon Forest

Bloodmoon Forest is a dangerous area filled with wild vicious animals and poisonous plants that borders the Vampiric Empire. It is also the location of the Sword of Twilight that Retter hid for protection. (He knew what he was doing) It's called the blood moon forest because whenever there is a blood moon, the best view is in the forest. It is nearly impossible to see anything in the distance due to the heavy amount of trees. Bloodmoon Forest is where Natalya's parents abandoned her and where Ivan found her.


There are quite a few lakes in the forest. It has a few hills and cliffs. It's a forest to it will have the obvious grass, trees, leaves, other plants lakes, and whatnot. The grass is a bluish-green color.

Localized Phenomena

The Forest gives off a dark and spooky atmosphere and is cooler than the rest of the vampiric Empire. The wind can get intense and is strong enough to knock down trees and people. During a blood moon, the waters in the Bloodmoon forest turn red.

Fauna & Flora

The forest is filled with poisonous plants that look harmless and beautiful but have deadly effects some examples
  • Hemlock, which has umbrella-like bunches of tiny white flowers,
  • Nightshade berries. A glossy red berry, The poison can give you a headache, drowsiness, stomachache, vomiting, trembling, lowered temperature, dilated pupils, and diarrhea.
  • Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac, can cause a bad rash, which can get blisters.
  • A pink flower called Oleander, one leaf is enough to kill an adult.
  • Foxglove, a flower that has a very similar appearance to wolfsbane. Can cause irregular heartbeat.
  • Mistletoe: If you stand under it you have to kiss somebody, but if you eat it you have to be hospitalized.
Animals. The forest has its usual vivacious wild animals, bugs, birds
  • Bears
  • Wolves
  • Bats
  • crows/ravens
  • Foxes
  • Giant Fucking spiders
  • Spider puppets
  • Poisonous spiders
  • venomous spider 
  • Man-eating spiders

Natural Resources

pretty obvious 
  • wood
  • Water
  • Flowers
  • Berries 


Everyone knows how dangerous the forest is so no one bothers going on. The only people that do are teenagers and young adults but they don't go too far. They stay near the border because they ain't stupid enough to go into a forest where there's fucking GIANT MAN EATING SPIDERS
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