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Children of the Winter Court, the changelings are a race of people who possess innate talents for altering their appearance at will. As ancient children of the Arae She, changelings were once the queen Mab's most loyal servants.   This was before a single changeling girl stole one of Mab's most treasured possessions: a silver masque in the shape of the face of Baris, the Witch-Queen of Summer. For this slight, Mab banished the race from the realm of Arae She.   Now, changelings hide in the Mortal World, fey creatures set adrift in an unfamiliar place. Even now, thousands of years after their banishment, there remains perhaps only a hundred changelings in the entire Mortal World.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Changelings identify one another by "face" names only known by other changelings or by one's closest friends. These names are usually monosyllabic in nature.


Culture and cultural heritage

Changeling culture is one of Persona. This is the art of transformation that changelings innately possess, and they use it as a form of expression. Many changelings have one or several Persona that they flow between, with vocal tics, personality, and skills unique to each.   Persona are often passed down from one changeling to another, or even shared between two or more changelings at once.

Shared customary codes and values

Changelings value flexibility, creativity, and expression. A society where those things are not valued does not make for a good home for changelings.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Changelings reproduce slowly and infrequently. In fact, when a changeling does decide that they desire offspring, they often choose to find a mate among another race, producing a changeling child approximately one-third of the time.


Beauty Ideals

All changelings have a natural form, one with grayscale skin, near-colorless hair, and eyes of pale or white colors.   Most changelings show their natural form only to close friends, and believe that these forms are the pinnacle of beauty.

Gender Ideals

Gender is, for many changelings, another aspect of their innate magical talents. As such, it is common for a changeling to have forms of multiple genders. Some, though, identify more strongly with the genders of the People, holding tightly to one (or no) gender.

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