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Fluffy, The God of Unconditional Love

Fluffy comes by many names. A name for each owner it has ever had. The same could be said of shapes it has held. One for each owner it has had. Sometimes a girl, sometimes a boy, and sometimes neither, Fluffy seeks to please their owner in whatever way they can.   Some question if Fluffy could truly be considered a god. They do not appear at most times to be sentient, smart but not quite to the same level of their owner. Further they seem uninterested in the many things gods are interested in. They care not for worship, or ideals. Just love. Some think that Fluffy is not one pet but a number of gods that from time to time take turns being Fluffy for the lifespan of an owner, choosing for a while a simple life. Yet despite all of this Fluffy is known as a god and nearly as the most well known god. In so far as known across the Realms by the most number of sentients.   Fluffy finds a youngling in need of companionship and adopts the child for life. None has ever managed to chase the god away and most scholars think such a thing is impossible. Fluffy tries not to shape or alter the child, though a surprising number of them end up leading important lives. None of Fluffy's charges have died before adulthood as far as the record goes though tracking Fluffy's movements is difficult at best.   Fluffy is known mostly because of one of their owners who used the pets godhood to ascend themselves. They a being of knowledge spoke of Fluffy and their many prior owners. It was a bittersweet day for the god as with their ascension Fluffy left them to find another charge. Another owner.

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