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Silver-Scale Sword

The Silver-Scale sword is a recurved longsword forged from the metal taken from the blood and scales of a Hound of Kahl. (True Dragon) It's fittings are made from the horns and scales as well. It is known to possess exceptional durability and edge retention and the steel of its blade is always warm to the touch.

Manufacturing process

The scales of a dead true dragon must be dipped in the scalding blood of a freshly dead true dragon and forged into pure steel in the heat of the dying wound


It is a trophy of dragon slaying, a family heirloom and piece of crown jewelry for the kingdom of Vanhome
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Believed to be Unique
8 lbs
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Six pounds of Dragon Blood Steel, four Dragon Horns, and three strips of Dragon Leather
Hammer, Anvil, and carcass of a freshly dead dragon

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