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The Conquerors of Ash

The conquerors of Ash were originally the conquerors of Bain, a warlord. A culture who's pride revolved around conquering, they found a new challenge, and opportunity, within the wasteland.   The size of a small kingdom, they had been wracked by the quakes but still stood strong. The warlord Bain ordered his armies to go forth and take, and take they did. They were instructed not to kill anyone who didn't need to be killed, as living people were extremely valuable. They expanded their territory nearly four times its originally size, no one posed any actual threat to his armies.   Their luck had run out however, when they were attempting to conquer the small city of Lesh. For when their armies ventured forth, a major quake storm happened. This rattled the conquerors, scattered them, but it was what came after that truly decimated the armies. A huge creature with sinewy limbs began emerging from the now ruined city of Lesh, a long beast with hundreds of limbs, radiating extreme heat. It slowly but quickly began killing any and all of the would be conquerors near the ruined city.   That was the downfall of the armies, as more sinewy beasts emerged, burning all that they had taken. Bain himself alongside several of his closest allies, fled the territory. Exact whereabouts are not known, whether they are alive or dead, the entirety of the conquered territory has been turned completely to that of ash.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Borik, Bassik, Birrok, Billock, Baisin, Borshin, Bockin, Jorik, Jayine, Shirick, Shorrick, Shallick


Art & Architecture

Blood art. It is not uncommon to come upon a warrior, in the midst of battle, sitting down and painting with the blood of a slain warrior, be it enemy or ally. The paintings themselves are nightmarish, often representing the pained face of the dead warrior.

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