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Selt Vines

Be warned, the vines themselves continue to grow after being cut. An absent-minded adventurer could easily find themselves trapped if alone and without a cutting tool.
A previously unknown plant that began to appear after the ground cracked open, likely coming from deep below, the Selt Vines are used as a sort of makeshift armor. It is not uncommon to see people, usually adventurers, wrapped head to toe in these vines.   The Selt vines stop at nothing to reach any sort of natural light, be it sunlight or moonlight, often growing in quick spurts. Some taverns have banned people wearing Selt vines, as often during the night the vines would grow and break straight through the ceiling.

Basic Information


The vines themselves are long and seem to continuously grow, even after cut. They are somewhat flat.

Genetics and Reproduction

Little studies have been made, or if they have been made, they are not widely known. The vines appear to reproduce fairly rapidly, the town of Cherr was completely overgrown within several months, but whether this is typical growth behavior is not yet understood.

Growth Rate & Stages

It seems to grow in spurts, it is currently unknown what causes this, but it may have something to do with prolonged darkness. The more it remains in the dark, the more it wants to find the sun. This is strange, given that their origin is likely from beneath the ground.

Ecology and Habitats

The exact origin of the vines is unknown, but the optimal environment for the vines seem to be anywhere with sufficient sunlight, except the several places where the sun's rays are at their most lethal.

Biological Cycle

The vines seem to harden during the winter, which can help when used as armor, but may also hinder an adventurer's ability to "relieve" themselves.   When winter ends, the vines return to their normal rubber-like state.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

There are rumors of the vines appearing to act "afraid" of certain sounds. One adventurer swears on their life that their armor jumped off their body after hearing the howl of a Sereverine.
Scientific Name
Conservation Status
Abundant throughout the lands

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