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A person by the name of Jareen claims that they were taken by a group of strange beasts, with shiny skin and void like eyes, in the dead of night. A watcher, Jareen was on guard, ready to warn their sleeping group of any danger, when they suddenly felt arms appear from seemingly nowhere. The beasts dragged Jareen through the ash, stopping only when they were far away from the group. Then, the beasts began studying Jareen, simply staring. They did this for what Jareen claims to be an eternity, when one of them pointed at Jareen's blade, and then made an open palm. Jareen handed the beast their blade, slowly, and the beast studied it for some time. One of the beasts then handed Jareen a different blade, one completely foreign to Jareen. The beasts pointed to the moon, pointed to each other, and left.   The story of Jareen is one often shared by wanderers, another story claims Jareen was stabbed to death by their own sword, a different story claims Jareen now lives on the moon, watching over the realms. Regardless of the story of Jareen, there are real accounts of wanderers encountering foreign beasts who bear the same coloring of the moon.


Moondwellers come down every so often to trade, to murder, or to explore. The moondwellers come only at night, and disappear before day.

Historical Basis

There is a blade of unknown origin that is wielded by the adventurer known as Grace. Some claim that they are Jareen, or any of the other names often used in the campfire stories. Others say Grace was gifted the blade by a Moondweller, or that Grace is a moondweller themselves.


With the moon so close, it was inevitable that these stories would appear. Stories of dwellers from the moon, seemingly falling to the ground.

Variations & Mutation

Jareen to Jarem, or Jare. A bow and arrow to a blade.

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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
30 Jul, 2019 22:06

That's a lot of Jareen in there ! I believe some more variations of word to describe that guard would help the read a lot more. the man, the poor soul, the wary soldier, him/them, his body... possibilities are varied.   Have a good Summercamp !