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The quake storms brought up ore from deep below the surface, and one of those such things is known as Deepiron. Initially thought to simply be standard iron, this turned out to not be the case when a warhammer was forged out of it. The blacksmith who created it tested it on a nearby rock, and it went straight through.


Material Characteristics

The iron looks similar to normal iron, but when compared side to side the deepiron is quite a bit darker.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Deepiron seems to be incredibly durable and strong, able to smash through a rock without much effort on the user's part.

Geology & Geography

Originally deep below the surface, it has been brought to the top by the near constant quake storms.

History & Usage


Discovered by a group of miners who's blacksmith then discovered its properties, Deepiron is a prized resource due to its incredibly strong abilities. Although still quite rare, many miners hope for a day they find a huge vein of the material, as not only would this be sold for quite a bit, they would be able to create many tools for themselves to make mining other materials easier.


Sometime after the first few quake storms by a group of miners of the South, it was then forged into a warhammer by their blacksmith who broke a rock with great ease.

Everyday use

Often used by miners, however its rarity almost always means it is traded off for other goods.


The ore must be smelted at a somewhat higher temperature than normal iron.

Manufacturing & Products

Pickaxes, Hammers, anything blunt is the recommended use. Swords don't seem to do much good, as the metal's properties is more useful as a smasher, than a slasher.


Trade & Market

Miners often sell it in exchange for food and other such goods. It's relative rarity makes it a great trading good.
Very bad.
Darker than iron.
Common State
Solid ore, like other metals.

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