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Horse carriages are used to travel when the ground is known to be flat, which is always a gamble due to the constant threat of a quake storm. Many of the established settlements use carriages to travel back and forth, for trade and transport. Due to the increasing rarity of wood, carriages are one of the few things still using wood, as there is no other alternative. Some mage-crafters are attempting to create carriages of stone, with promising first attempts, but they still have a long way to go.   There is a nation to the north that is rumored to be using horseless carriages, using metal instead of wood as its core. An unfortunate technological advancement, as it will not find much use in the craggy wasteland, with its plentiful deep pits or high steep rocks jutting from the ground.   It seems there is no good form of transportation for the hot wasteland, the use of a hot air balloon was proven to be impossible to use by the Carif Crafters, who went up into a balloon, and came down nearly charred to death. The overbearing heat does not permit any form of transportation in the sky.   A carriage carried by one of the Cover Striders would be the best possible transportation, as they have arms under their main body, and several great limbs that travel the craggy wasteland without effort. Unfortunately, the only time the Cover Striders pick something up with its arms is to consume.

Power Generation

Horse drawn

Armor and defense

Unfortunately armor would be too heavy to use, so the only defense is the co-driver, who is often armed with a heavy crossbow.
Due to its important use, the cost is high, often the price of many weeks if not months worth of food.
Only used by closeby settlements for transport, nearly impossible to use when traveling the wasteland.
Complement / Crew
Driver, Co-Driver
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Several dozen pounds of cargo, 4-5 passengers.

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