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Beast of Beneath

A year or so after the first huge quake, a giant mound appeared and began moving, like a huge mole digging through dirt. Then it stopped. As large as an entire kingdom, the huge mountain sits dormant. Wanderers and nearby towns people worry of the day that it begins moving again, and the day that whatever is within the mountain emerges is never spoken aloud.   There is a huge stone spike at one end of the mountain range, many within sight of it use it as a sort of navigation tool, given the fact that compasses no longer work properly.


There are small mining outposts (not to be confused with Tan's Town) popping up on the side of the mountain, that appear to be mining away at the valuable metal ores, newly arrived for the taking. Many wanderers and local town's people have attempt to stop the mining projects, but they are either met with deaf ears or sharp blows. Many fear that the mining will awaken the mountain, or rather, whatever is beneath the layer of rock and dirt.


Stone from deep within the ground adorns the mountain.


Originally dormant deep within the ground, it found itself on the surface due to the extreme quakes. It moved with surprising speed after it found itself at the top, but eventually slowed down to a complete stop. Now as things have settled, mining operations have begun on the mountain range, as there is a bountiful supply of easily accessible ores. A miner is said to have run off quite recently, a miner who dug fairly deep. She spoke no words, simply grabbed as many of her things, and left. The hole she had dug has since collapsed, but there are attempts to re-open it.
Alternative Names
Snake Hill
Natural Wonder

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