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Over 90% of the population of Vrans is human. The remaining number is a rough split between those of elven origin, dwarves or dragonfolk.


A wall of stone defends Vrans from any attacks by land. In a siege, the walls would be topped by defending soldiers, armed with bows, swords and cauldrons of boiling water.   Should the enemy attack from the Napyc Expanse, the city is defending by five warships bearing black powder cannons. In dire circumstances, should the foe take the port, it is possible to destroy the piers as a last resort and sink the invaders or force them back to their ships.


Vrans is a trading hub across the Napyc Expanse, in addition to having a large fishing fleet.


The pride of Vrans is its vast port that spreads across the Vrensian Bay. This network of piers and docks hold many fisheries and warehouses that ships from all across the Napyc Expanse will use to unload their goods. The port is on two layers, the upper layer where larger ships will disembark and most trading happens, and the lower layer commonly called the Underdocks, where many people have taken to living. On the land, there are several shipyards, both for the production of new ships and repairs for the old.   Further ashore are the more expensive buildings and the home for the wealthy of Vrans. An organised system of roads keeps the important buildings of the upper class together, behind a defensive wall of stone that encircles the city.


The network that constitutes the port of Vrans is made predominantly of wood. Th


A great part of the city expands over the bay

Natural Resources

The Napyc Expanse is home to a great many fish, which are fished by the people of Vrans.

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Chandra Bollass
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Kingdom of Therin
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