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22nd Spring, 777

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Thravil is a world centered around the dangers of magic, and the forces trying to control it. After a disaster caused the material plane to collide with the Elemental Plane of Water, and a great flood ensued. Nations were destroyed, people killed, and the gods themselves disappeared. After the world recovered, magic was blamed for the catastrophe, and the Seraphim were formed. The Seraphim sought to control spellcasters, and, some believe, imprison them.   The world still recovers, as its people rage in imbalance, magic warring against mortal, Seraph against spellcaster, brother against brother, while the floodgate is still not completely closed. With the people of the material plane focusing on themselves and each other, the forces in the Elemental Plane of Water lurk below the surface, waiting for the perfect time to strike. But the waters aren’t the only threat to the world. Many forces from around the multiverse seek the power held in the Material Plane, with the gods helpless to defend it.