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August Seraph - The High leader of the Seraphim in each continent, the two August Seraphs are responsible for the large scale management of the organisation. They control the assignment of soldiers, and personally appoint the Lord Seraphs. They also serve as the Lord Seraph in the city they reside in.   Lord Seraph - Responsible for organising the Seraphim regionally, each major city has a Lord Seraph running the Ortasques, and the Seraphim serving in them. They make sure the Ortasque is secure, and the spellcasters inside are no threat. They also work to capture rogue Zaros.

Public Agenda

The Seraphim seek to eliminate the threat that magic causes, and keep the world safe from it. They keep spellcasters in Ortasques, where they are kept for their lives and learn to control their power, and either imprison or kill those unwilling to join.

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Mage Hunters
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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