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Light Magic

Bright, revealing, and blinding, the Aspect of Light has powers over sight and luminescence. Lightweavers make use of it to see things at a great distance, and illuminate their surroundings.  


The most common use of the Aspect of Light is the creation and enhancement of light. The magic can illuminate the area, shining from either the Focus or another object, as controlled by the Lightweaver.   The simpler use of this ability is as illuminating the darkness, a channelling further magic can intensify then light into blinding radiance, overwhelming the vision of onlookers.  


Lightweavers are capable of manipulating light, contorting its form and hue to create realistic images capable of confusing people to think them reality.   The creation of illusions is a tremendous task that only very skilled Lightweavers are capable of. Simply conjuring one with the necessary detail is a difficult undertaking in itself, but to further manipulate it can take decades to master.  


Along with powers over illumination, the Aspect of Light also allows its users to see at great distances. Depending on the strength of the cast, the clarity and duration of the view can be controlled by the Spellweaver.   This can either work through two areas strong in Light Magic, passing the image through the Luminous Planes, or through augmenting the spell by weaving another Aspect into it, allowing the sight through its medium.


When areas are strong in Light Magic, sources of light shine brighter and illuminate farther.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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