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Transmission & Vectors

A Bloodcurse is transferred through blood. If an individual ingests or otherwise takes in a sufficient volume of infected blood, it will overwhelm their heart and afflict them with the Bloodcurse. The volume of blood required varies depending on the individual; a larger or healthier body will need more to succumb to the affliction.


The symptoms of a Bloodcurse vary with each strain. Ultimately they all show signs of the Aspects that comprise the Bloodcurse.   One effect of Bloodcurses that is known to all variants, is the effects of the curse are lesser the further it is passed on.


Due to the nature of its transmission, a Bloodcurse is typically passed on at the choice of those infected. In some circles, receiving a Bloodcurse is seen as a blessing: the "gift" is a symbol of status, given like an ancestral heirloom from parent to child. Many Bloodcursed choose to spread their affliction with spite. Those that do typically seek people who wronged them in an act of retribution. When this occurs, the potential to spread further grows as each newly cursed individual may decide to wreak their own vengeance.

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare

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