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Arcane Focus

An Arcane Focus is a crystal of varying shape and size that is filled with raw magical energy. Most Spellweaving uses such a crystal to focus the latent magic that fills the world into form.   Responding to the touch and emotions of living creatures, Arcane Foci excite the magic surrounding them and bring it to life.  


Each Arcane Focus carries the magic of a single Aspect, each taking its appearance and nature from the magic housed within.  


Burning with undying heat, Foci of Flame glow a dull orange that flickers like dying embers. It gives off warmth, heightening in a great presence of Flame Magic. When in use, its surface burns like a roaring fire as it conjures flame into being.  


Shining a radiant white, Foci of Light always give off a faint luminosity, dimly illuminating the area. In the presence of strong Light Magic it glows brighter, and while channelling magic through it, it becomes painful to look at for the sheer brightness.  


Crackling with wild energy, Foci of Storm roil with the tempestuous magic stored within. Faded gold, the images of lightning arc across the surface, intensifying as the Storm Magic surrounding it concentrates. Simple contact with a Focus can result in a tingling sensation which similarly strengthens. In use, the effects are only stronger, raging like the wildest tempest.  


Radiating invigorating energy, the mere touch of a Focus of Life sends a refreshing feeling coursing through one's body. Gleaming a healthy green, these Foci are warm to handle, and the revitalising sensation is amplified both with exposure to powerful Life Magic, and when it channels that magic into growth and aid.  


Ever-shifting, Foci of Water are coloured as varied as the sea itself. From turquoise to navy to azure, each passing second changes the surface of the crystal, never staying the same. Proximity to deep Water Magic serves to quicken the drift, creation a myriad of shades.  


Not even reflections are seen in Foci of Shadow. They absorb all light aimed at them and are as black as the darkest night. When a Spellweaver uses one, it drains the surrounding light, creating an aura of blackness as it brings the shadows to reality.  


Rough and heavy, Foci of Earth are unique in that they do not react to the related magic. Unchanging, they appear with the brown colour and texture of stone and are indistinguishable to the untrained eye. Even when actively being used to weave Earth Magic, the Focus remains constant.  


Cold, empty, bleak. Foci of Death smoulder a pale grey, and there is a hollowness to them, and to hold it chills a person to their core. It grows colder as the Death Magic coalesces until it feels like the wielder is as in the frozen embrace of the grave.  

Dual Foci

Incredibly rare is a dual Focus, one containing two Aspects of Magic. This can be used to weave both Aspects simultaneously, but such a task is complex and demanding of a Spellweaver.
Item type
Rare and controlled
6" x 3" x 3"

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