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Koraere's Claim

Koraere's Claim used to be as green as the areas around it, but now dark dirt and craters showcase the devastation unleashed during the Subjugation War. This area spreads for miles along the trenches and forts that the defending Fair Field Union halfings used. The Tribesmen take pride in the fact that they repelled a force that wield such power. The council of Malunar are still attempting to purify the region in order to make amends for their shortsightedness.


Surrounded by fertile green fields and rolling hills is a stark contrast. Hardened dirt crumples to the with little effort. What were hills ripped apart by their weight, leaving jagged ridges.


Fair Fields got its name from the gently rolled hills that make up a great portion of the western continent of Morgoth. Those that travel westward from the Great Divide would be met with green plains, soft valleys, lush forests, and calm rivers. A land lived on by halfing tribesmen. During the reign of Amakir, this peaceful place was utilized to raise sheep, cattle, and crops. Stone bunk house were constructed throughout the land to house the many laborers. Once the Empire fell the locals formed their own union and became a well established power and kept to themselves. During that time the mage council of Malunar found the rightful heir to inherit the empire, they made the grand announcement and met with no replies. Aggravated. the new emperor sought power through subjugation and sought the council for help. They gathered levies and created magical creations that would form the frontal assaults. Time came and the New Empire marched northwest towards the mountain dwarves, Sect of Moradin, and marched north to Fair Fields. By this time the Fair Fields Union have garnered quite the arsenal from kicking out the remnants of the old empire. They converted the old bunk houses into forts and began constructing trenches between them. They saw the announcement of the new heir as a threat after liberating themselves from a regional warlord. It was in this region of trenches where the landscape changed from a pristine green field to a dried up waste. The Union became more elaborate with their trenches, digging tunnels from back to front and constructing burrows to allow more forces to defend the frontline. Annoyed with this stubborn resistance, the council approved the renovation and dispatch of city towers to crush the defense, Towers of Malunar . 2 were sent towards the mountains and 1 was sent to Fair Fields. The tower sent to Fair Fields was Captained by Renus Pluy, who renovated a level into a potion laboratory, where he planned on testing a few of his own concoctions.   The tower did fine, blasting craters randomly into the trenches with the hopes of collapsing hidden passageways. They could never be sure they, the trenches were too small for golems to step into and the tunnels were to narrow for soldiers to crawl through. Renus decided that he would mass produce one of his recipes and see how effective it would do. The tower rose into the air and hovered above the trenches. Cauldrons were brought into the bottom levels and poured through spill ways. The tower floated in an outward circle has the concoction poured into the trenches. Once contact was made the plant life withered away. The slightest breeze blowing it away. The earth hardened and became brittle with time. The halfings in the trenches screamed in agony, first as the liquids vapors entered their lungs then again has skin contact was made. From the outside observers watched patiently hours went by with no activity. It must've been a success they thought to themselves. They sent a group of golems to walk about and return to see if anything would happen. When they returned there was a noticeable difference. Renus liked the results so much that he continued the process for the duration of the war.   The New Empire's eastern front caved, dwarves of the Sect have destroyed a tower and pushed through. The council returned their western offensive in an attempt to contain, but it was too late. The destruction left behind has scarred the land. Cracked dark earth spreading for miles, with craters left behind from a horrendous war machine. Nothing living can withstand being in the area for too long. The skin forms boils before tearing apart. This area now separates the rest of the Fair Fields from the territory of Malunar. It has been named after the new Emperor as a coronation gift from the Union.


The council of Malunar made sure to use this sight as a learning lesson. New magi are required to attend a tour to the sight to show what the idea of power can push a person to do. To show them that what they do today can have lasting ramifications.   Tribesmen of the Fair Fields dedicate this spot to those that fought for their freedom. There were many that could not escape the tunnels as the liquid spread throughout the grassland. A memorial hall was constructed at the most center spot outside the range. Here ceremonies are held to honor their dead and to show the importance of a unification of tribes.

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