River Rage

The Curse of the River

River Rage is a condition that occurs in some people when they visit the River of the Defiled in Kezig. Often called "the curse of the River," River Rage is not well-understood.

Transmission & Vectors

It's unknown how some people acquire River Rage; it seems as though just being in close vicinity of the River seems to cause the Rage. It doesn't seem to pass from person-to-person, although multiple people in a party have been affected.


The cause of River Rage is unknown; however, it's clear that it only occurs around the River of the Defiled and nowhere else in Thenia. Not everyone is affected by River Rage (in fact, only a small amount are), and it seems that a person will be affected their first and every time at the River (i.e., a person wouldn't visit once and be unaffected and then be affected the next visit; once they visit and are unaffected, they can be reassured they won't again).


All of the symptoms of River Rage are psychological; no physical symptoms seem to exist. As the name indicates, those afflicted with River Rage almost always experience irrational and explosive rage. In addition, the person suffers both auditory and visual hallucinations as well as extreme paranoia (which often lend to the rage). Most afflicted become phsyically aggressive and almost seem to have superhuman powers, especially in regards to strength.   Symptoms usually start to occur within being in the vicnity of the River of the Defiled for about a half-hour, although some people seem more immediately effected, while others take around an hour.


River Rage is not at all fatal; however, a person's aggressive and erratic behavior may cause them to be harmed.   Treatment involves the use of Abjuration Magic, Healing Magic, and Potion Magic, but is absolutely treatable. Medical professionals are stationed strategically along the River to offer treatment, if needed. Once treatment is administered, alleviation of symptoms can occur almost immediately.


The prognosis for River Rage is very good, provided treatment is given. Without treatment, the affected becomes a danger to themselves and others. However, with swift treatment, the person will be largely unaffected by the Rage, although most suffer from amnesia of the time they were affected.   If a person were to be foolish enough to contract River Rage and then visit the River again after treatment, the prognosis drops significantly; of the very few who have done this, most have died during their second bout of the condition. Whether that is always the case or simply the result of a violent condition is unknown, as fortunately, those afflicted don't want to repeat the experience.

Affected Groups

It's completely unknown why some people are affected and not others. There doesn't seem to be a pattern in regard to victims, and so it's impossible to know who will be affected when first visiting the River.


For absolute prevention, avoidance of the River of the Defiled is critical, as it cannot be spread from person-to-person. However, there is a booming business at the entrance of the River to offer protection for first-time visitors, even though nothing has been proven to prevent it.


River Rage was first recorded in the 1810s, and as such, has been known for thousands of years.

Cultural Reception

River Rage is viewed rather warily by Thenians; it's a rare affliction, so those unaffected sometimes look negatively on those affected. Because it's unknown why some people are affected and not others, there is judgement amongst some that the afflicted are "cursed," and that is why they are affected by the Rage.   Most Thenians, however, would not stop associating with someone known to be affected by River Rage, but Kezens, especially, view those afflicted with sympathy.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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