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The Scripts

The Scripts is a manuscript published by the country of Sondomenel that has been spread across the continent of Theatrum. Within its pages, holds varying degrees of information ranging from the basics of common language, maths, world knowledge, religion, and stars.


The purpose of The Scripts is to educate the average people of Theatrum in the ways of language, math, brief history, and religion. Originating from Sondomenel, it was created as a way to create equal ground between people from all societies and languages.

Document Structure


Each segment of The Scripts is divided in to chapters, the first being the basics of Common. From the alphabet to sentence structures, the scripts give the bare minimum that allows its readers to be able to travel around Theatrum comfortably. Within the mathematical section, The Scripts go into the value of coin, trade goods, and the cost of common items across Theatrum. They also cover the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. The history segment of the document is told from the perspective of the people of Sondomenel, so it is mostly skipped over when read by other nationalities. It covers the Conquests for Truth with lighthearted nature, allowing for the readers to gain a better understanding for the peoples constant search of knowledge. The writing on religion is undoubtedly the most controversial piece of the Scripts as it paints the image of Obyn, The True Seer, as the head god while all others fall beneath him. This segment mostly covers the philosophy behind the gods around Theatrum (or the ones that Sondomenel recognizes) as well as their constellations and main methods of worship.


This book was written purely to educate the people of Theatrum. Its later additions and alternations are only to include newer information found.

Publication Status

The manuscript was spread to every corner of Theatrum in an attempt to educate the common folk. A version (even outdated ones) can be found in every school, library, and church.

Historical Details


As the nation of Sondomenel began its conquest to seek out more knowledge across Theatrum, it's people began to realize how little the rest of the world cared about the sharing of knowledge. In a show of good nature, the Church of Obyn along with the most knowledgeable scholars across Sondomenel worked to craft The Scripts, to educate the rest of the world in their findings. The first addition was rejected by the opposing nations until either forcably indoctrinated or slying given to the common people under the governments noses.

Public Reaction

The reactions of peoples depended heavily on how The Scripts were indoctrinated into the culture. In lands such as Rhoddonef and Avium, they were excited to have a manuscript that so easily taught their people, but were less than thrilled about the segments on religion. The Scripts did not last well in Motsham Uzg and Kheadal, as few people had no interest in manuscripts, let alone higher educations.


The Scripts allowed for the people of Theatrum (mainly in the West and Avium) to connect and grow faster together. The wealth of basic knowledge allowed for all peoples to communicate faster and develop into higher civilization quicker. IT is seen as great asset to the world.
Manuscript, Religious

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