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Black Slime Crystal

Black Slime Crystal is crystallized form of black slime that has peculiar property of absorbing mana.


Material Characteristics

Black crystal

Physical & Chemical Properties

This crystal can absorb any form of magical mana from area surrounding it, however this crystal does not affect earth-bound magic or divine magic.   Once the the crystal has reached the limit of mana, the crystal will turn translucent and stop absorbing mana. At that point, the crystal is not black crystal and turned into Grant's crystal.

Origin & Source

Dried body of black slime

History & Usage


Black slimes are known to have mana absorbing abilities, but only around the time humans learned how to extract crystal from slime's body this material is known.   At first, the crystal is only used as defensive material against offensive magics, but during conflict between Flatplains and White Kingdom, White Kingdom created weapon from this material that proved to be very effective against magic users. After White Kingdom's defeat in the war, both sides decided to regulate the material with heavy restriction to prevent misuse of the material.

Everyday use

Commonly used as mana absorbent material, for magical research, and component to create anti-magic weapon.   This crystal also can be used as raw material of Grant's crystal that can hold amazingly more mana than mana crystal of same size.

Manufacturing & Products

This crystal is manufactured by drying blob of black slime, and several additive might included to make the crystal not water soluble.


This material is harmful for mana-beings or any beings with open mana circulation (magic user).

Environmental Impact

Leaving large amount of black slime crystal in a place can lead to mana void of the area which can be bad for mana-beings or magical practices.



Black slime crystal is stored in mana void vessel, usually made of mana-inert glass, to prevent mana void hazard or accidentally turning the crystal into Grant's crystal.

Law & Regulation

After Black Arrow War, this material is heavily restricted by regulation laws in Flatplains and White Empire but remained unregulated to the rest of the world.   After anti-magic Theonisian force defeated, all country in Lofintel continent have regulation law of this material.

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