The mining town of Chuumaa is the only place that they can find raw magically touched iron called Mayin. A valuable resource, highly sought after by anyone involved in magical artifice.


  With the chance discovery of a natural source of Mayin, the Volitant Merchantry jumped at the trade opportunity it presented. They set up a large mine and had a town built to support the mining staff they would require. After that they shipped in a large group of families to live in the town and work in the mine.   Over time, the town has grown bigger and bigger, with the Guild maintaining it and building more infrastructure as required. Now it is a large wealthy town sustained by the mine and the profit the guild squeeze from it.

Government and Infrastructure

  Run by a representative from Guild Volitant, the leadership of the town is largely there just to make sure the mine stays open, and the Mayin keeps flowing into the guild airships. They also deal with any grievances from the miners, however most of them just keep their mouths shut for fear of being sanctioned or having their rights reduced.   The Guild built and owns the houses the miners live in. When they arrived to work the town, the guild assigned them their houses and told that they would automatically remove rent from their wages. What wages they gave them was as credit. This credit they could only spend within the town. Over time and with hard work and good behaviour, they could earn the right to purchase their houses. These houses they could pass down to their children so they would have an easier start when going to work in the mines.   With the reduced prices for paying with credit, this house buy scheme they promoted as a great service and favour being done for the miners by the guild. This was obviously untrue. It actually just forced them to stay in the town because no one else would accept the credit they had received.

Geography and Natural Resources

  They built the town upon a rocky and torn up landscape that the skylands of the Cilostratan Expanse were torn from. The magical ritual that lifted the ground into the sky also seems to have left its residue all over the land that was left. It changed the metal that was under the land, the Mayin. It is now one of the most sought after trade goods by magical artificers.


  Because of the condition of the land, all rocky and torn, they built the houses on stone stilts. Raising them from the broken landscape, almost a cheap imitation of the floating islands above, they are all connected with rope bridge walkways.


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