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Many people still see them sometimes, some never do and only hear from them in stories. They are described as metal things, mere shells of once living things. Ironwalkers are rumoured to have been the reason for the death of an Eagle King. Some say they have existed as far back as the Droteron Empire. The legend changes, depending on were you are. Some call them monsters, some blessings, some even gods...


Once upon a time, when Ateodal was still a single Kingdom, the lands were roamed by hundreds of large, iron creatures, called Ironwalkers. They have been here, ever since the old Empire came and fell. Once they had a purpose, lost to time, not anymore now. They wander, and never stop, never rest. They destroyed everything that stood in its way, houses, farmlands, trees,... so many things. Even people, even... little children. That all changed one day. When an Eagle King was killed by them. They destroyed his walls, ravaged his castle, layed waste to all the rooms. Eagle King Arpton, his name was, and he lived hundreds of years ago. He had one son, one brave man, Crixon. He survived the destruction, and saw it. He vowed to take revenge and destroy these things forever, he was now Eagle King. He rallied every man he could, and hunted those things down. He threw hooks on their backs and pulled them down. A hundred men then jumped on them, tearing them apart, just like the Ironwalkers did to Crixon's father. Crixon continued and did not stop untill all Ironwalkers fled through the mountains, to the east, never to been seen again. Now they wander someplace else, but not here, not anymore. Do you know what they called the grounds were Crixon hunted them down? They called it the Ironforest. If you search hard enough, you may find the iron armor they wore.

Historical Basis

Ironwalkers are believed to have originated from the far east, from the Droteron Empire. Many scholars believe that they were beings that were transported to the western world, just like the Leviathans in the White Sea. There are also some that have theorized that their appearance had a hand in the arrival of the Eazor in Avwo, or the other way around. Whilst many of the things said about them are true, the oldest texts about them never told that they were linving beings, rather empty shells that followed orders. Also, Eagle King Crixon I didn't see the destruction of his home, since he was not there, rather he was travelling to the south of the Lycara Valley, upon his return he saw the aftermath of it. The Ironforest wàs named after the Ironwalkers, but the pieces of the defeated creatures weren't left behind. They were all removed and were stored in safe places, only one piece was ever used to make a weapon, Vorax was built from Ironwalker steel, maintaining its magical properties, yet no more were made, since the metal was incredibly difficult to work with, seemingly not wanting to be reforged.


The legend and stories about them are known to any region that was once under control of the Droteron Empire, or was at war with them. They are also stories to frighten children or make them behave.

Variations & Mutation

In many of the regions once controlled by the Empire, like Vadaton and The Borderlands, the tales are mostly about how they were the largest threat to humans after The Destruction of the Empire. They were wandering the lands and showed no compassion to anything at all, wandering aimlessly. In other regions that were at war with the Empire during its final days, the Ironwalkers are perceived as weapons of war that were unleashed upon them. A weapon, purposefully made to destroy and kill.
Date of First Recording
About a hundred years before The Destruction. They appeared about the same time as the Eazor.
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